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Richard is available for speaking engagements by request.  He speaks about addiction, recovery, mindfulness, and many other personal growth topics.  Please contact him anytime for specific information.

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Richard believes that everyone has a book within them.  Feel free to contact him with your editing and publishing needs.  He does book coaching covering the entire process from writing to selling.

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13 Tips for a Drama Free Workplace

If you’re like most human beings, you deal with a lot of drama in your life. Our daily drama can cause stress, frustration and certainly takes a ton of energy to deal with. You may say, “That’s just life.” But guess what, this is not the case. If you sit quietly...
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5 Things I Learned from Donald Trump

I’m normally not a political person at all. I truly attempt to stay out of the chaotic political arena and simply do my best to, “Be the Change,” as Gandhi said so wisely many years ago. However, it’s been very difficult to escape this current election. It amazes...
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5 Benefits I Discovered on my Personal Journey with Mindfulness

What is all this talk about mindfulness? Well, mindfulness has become a sort of buzzword recently due to the popularity it has found among the scientific community. Mindfulness has been the focus of countless studies in the recent years and is extremely popular in...
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Growing Your Spirituality: Are You Conscious?

Life is filled with endless possibilities and the freedom to create and achieve whatever we can imagine. However, it can also be overflowing with suffering and overwhelming stress. Why the two extremes and how can we choose the positive rather than the...
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What is Spirituality and Why Is It So Important?

Spirituality has become a popular phenomenon and we hear about it constantly in our daily lives, however I’m not sure if it is genuinely understood. Do we realize what spirituality actually is and how vital it is to our lives? I am not completely convinced that...
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Most Genuinely Important Things in Life are Free: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now

Many people often complain about two things in life. They are bored and they don’t have enough money to enjoy life. Well I have some suggestions if you have either of these complaints or if you wish to do something enjoyable and meaningful that will cost you...
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Change – Transform Your Life Now

Change is your greatest ally on our personal journey toward spiritual transformation. There exists a popular saying, “If nothing changes, nothing changes.” Thus, if you wish to change your life, society, or even the world , you must set out on a voyage of...
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November 22 – Self Love

November 22 “People who do not experience self-love have little  or no capacity to love others.” — Nathanial Branden Meditation Remember, you are your best friend, lover, and inspiration above all others. Give yourself what you need, what you desire, and...
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November 21 Hope

November 21 “When the world says ‘give up’ Hope whispers, ‘try it one more time’.” —Unknown Author Meditation Hope is what carries you through each day continuously letting you know that better days and bigger accomplishments are right around the corner. Cherish...
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Therapists are Not Superior

You can have a bachelors degree, masters degree, PhD; you can be a CAC, LPC, NCC, MD, or any of the other letters that define us clinicians, however if you can’t create a genuine relationship with a patient/client (human being) you will not be an effective...
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