Anger and resentment are two of the most powerful and violent weapons contained within the arsenal of the ego.  They cunningly wage war on our internal beings, and destroy everyone and everything in their path.  They are mischievous, in that they present themselves as beneficial instruments, whereas, realistically, they are not useful in any way.  Anger and resentment always result in injury to the one attached to this state of being, as well as to the many individuals in their ruinous path.  You may justify and rationalize their existence and worth, but rest assured this is the harmful and devious game of the delusional ego.  Do not be fooled!

Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not saying that anger and resentment are bad or wrong to feel.  They are normal human emotions that we will surely experience from time to time.  However, our ultimate goal is to simply observe these feelings , without judgment or attachment, thus minimizing the harm the can cause.  If we allow allow anger to come into our being and gently depart, we wont cause devastation in our life and the lives of others in our path.  Implementation of this anger-releasing process will prevent the prolonged torture of resentment , allowing you to more fully experience the joy and tranquility of each moment you are alive.

So, how do we deal with those who are angry around us?  First of all, using anger to deal with anger is absolutely not the solution.  This creates an exponential increase in anger, ultimately leading to aggression, rage and violence.  The only effective way to handle anger is by responding with love and compassion.  Anger is certainly no match for the raw power of compassion in action.  Live each moment working toward the elimination of the injurious effects of anger and resentment in your life, and experience the warmth and comfort that love and compassion provide.

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