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Richard ensures that his books and writing is available to everyone.  He believes that money should never be a reason why someone does not have access to his writing.  Below are free ebooks available for download.  Also, if you see anything on this site that you would like to read and can’t afford please contact Mr. Singer and he will make the writing available to you in a suitable format.


Embracing the Present Moment

Now is one of those special books that should be required reading for the curriculum of life. As the world around us speeds up, we need to learn to cherish and appreciate each present moment we are so freely given.

The person who reads one reflection each day from this well-conceived book is almost certain to find him or herself entering into a deeper–and possibly transformative–practice of appreciation for  each moment. –Publishers Weekly

Eastern Wisdom for Your Soul


Eastern Wisdom for Your Soul, contains 111 beautifully selected meditative quotations that spring from the Eastern spiritual traditions. Based on words spoken by spiritual figures such as M. Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, the Buddha and many more, Eastern Wisdom for Your Soul offers an opportunity for reflection and the gaining of self-knowledge.

Written by award winning author Richard A. Singer, the book is divided into 11 sections each exploring a different topic, such as Mindfulness, Change, Death and Enlightenment. The topics contain a series of profound quotes, each followed by a meditation. A real life application passage at the end of every meditation assists you in putting this wisdom into practice, transforming your everyday life.


13 Tips for a Drama Free Workplace

If you’re like most human beings, you deal with a lot of drama in your life. Our daily drama can cause stress, frustration and certainly takes a ton of energy to deal with. You may say, “That’s just life.” But guess what, this is not the case. If you sit quietly and...

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5 Things I Learned from Donald Trump

I’m normally not a political person at all. I truly attempt to stay out of the chaotic political arena and simply do my best to, “Be the Change,” as Gandhi said so wisely many years ago. However, it’s been very difficult to escape this current election. It amazes me...

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