Our world is an exceedingly diverse place.  I believe this diversity to be a major aspect of our spiritual curriculum here on earth.  Perhaps it was designed precisely this way to learn as much as we can from each other.  We as humans are all very similar in many aspects, however very different in others. We all wish to eliminate suffering in our lives and experience some type of peace and happiness. On the other hand, we are different in many ways such as race, ethnicity, intelligence, language, religion and on and on.  These differences are precious gifts to embrace and enjoy.  If we were all the same it would be quite monotonous and tedious here on earth.

Somehow we ended up allowing our differences and unique gifts to separate us and create a world based on exclusivity.  This has created a world full of judgement, suffering, and even violence.  It has annihilated our unity and oneness as a species.  We beat down other humans physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and don’t comprehend that all humans are an extension of ourselves.  What if you were excluded based on your differences?  What if human beings who are narcissistic, judgmental and competitive were excluded based on these characteristics?  Are the so called “normal” human beings actually the disabled ones and those considered disabled the normal ones?  If we are to succeed as a cohesive society we must begin to think, believe and act differently concerning diversity.

Personally I’ve learned more from the so-called disabled individuals then I’ve learned from professors with PhDs in a university setting.  We absolutely need to learn and connect with everyone in our paths.  Addicts, intellectually disabled, autistic and all the other labels we have created for human beings that are different from us.  Every human being no matter what external and internal characteristics they possess are all equally worthy parts of this universe. We are all here for a precise reason and deserve to be just as much as anyone else.  The universe and its creator obviously poses an important question to us concerning diversity. How are you going to treat other human beings?  Are u going to respect others different from you?  Are u going to have compassion for all human beings or are u sick enough to believe that some human beings deserve your respect and some do not or some human beings are not worth enough to have compassion for?  Are u going to travel through life thinking human beings are supposed to be exactly like you or are you going to learn from others? Do you choose to nourish your heart and soul by being compassionate and enjoying your life’s journey by embracing diversity and connecting with those who are not exactly like u?  Are u going to really embrace your humanity or live behind a narcissistic mask?  Are u going to embrace empathy and compassion or are u going to discard some humans like garbage and live within the delusion that u are better and superior?  It is all your choice.  You are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem.  You are either choosing peace and unity or choosing separation and destruction.

What is this human delusion based on?  Really just conditioning.  Not reality or anything close to reality.  I’ve met people with addictions that are probably much smarter and creative than u the reader are.  I’ve met people with autism and intellectual disabilities that live in the moment more than you ever will and are more genuine and honest than you can ever be.  I’ve met some “disabled” individuals that wouldn’t even think of lying, cheating or manipulating!  That’s way better than you and me.  Why do you think you are better than these people with differences and so called disabilities?  We all have some disability and some incredible gifts as human beings.  Who is more valuable and worthy to society?  What if I devalued you because u are a liar, or manipulator, or devalued you or treated you like u didn’t belong or threw u away because you are different and not worthy?  Who is really sick and disabled?   Maybe you really are and these so-called disabled humans have more value than you in this universe?  Nope.  I truly believe that the ultimate truth is that we all deserve the same respect, we all deserve to be in this universe and we are all connected to one another.   We were created to be unified and we are certainly not living this way and this is why the world is the way it is today.  So who is going to change this?  Who can change the world?  You can!

Just think, u can easily become profoundly different and be considered disabled. You may need compassion from others one day and you may be devalued.  How would u like to be treated? Think about it and perhaps you will transform the manner in which you treat others who are different from you.






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